Smart design solutions for the digital environment

Design interfaces, websites and mobile applications. Conduct usability audits and A/B testing.
We do not aim to take the number of projects, but give preference to the qualitative component of our work.

Interface Design from 700 USD
The result of our work – dynamic prototype with technical specification to the project.

Design web/mobile from 1500 USD
The result is a design layout prepared for programming recommendations for developers.

Usability audit from 500 USD
Point out the weaknesses of the project and offer solutions. Conduct the testing and prepare a report with recommendations.

How we work
  1. Research

    Information gathering about the customer, his business and the tasks to be accomplished. Definition of the project aims. Identification of the target audience, its interests, needs, behavioral factors. Data gathering on competitors.

  2. Analytics

    Systematization of information. Analysis of the environment, strengths and weaknesses of competitors finding. Processing of the received results. Formation of structural, technical and functional requirements for the site.

  3. Designing

    Development of the prototype of the project structure taking into account the received data, familiarization with technical documentation for the project by our specialists.

  4. Testing

    If necessary, several development options are to be tested on users belonging to the target audience of the site. The most effective option will be launched.

  5. Implementation

    Setting specific tasks for professionals involved in the design of the site. Performing of the work by all team members.

  6. Delivery of the project

    Preparation of the technical task for coders and programmers. Transfer of the material to the representatives of the customer or the partner company participating in the project.

  7. Quality control

    After the delivery of the project, we monitor the implementation of our working and, if necessary, make corrections within the framework of the technical task.

Why are we?
Convenience in solving any problems

Our team consists of experienced specialists in their field who will be able to realize your most ambitious tasks. If necessary, we are ready to bring to work related specialists among our friends and partners to provide multipurpose approach to the project implementation.

Always doing more

We try to promise less, but do more. We start work promptly and don’t postpone till the last minute. We are looking for effective solutions and offer them to the client. We are proactive in everything connected with the work and are confident that such an approach will allow us to become better every day.

Mutual understanding from the first minutes of communication

To explain your wishes, you do not have to learn the designer's vocabulary and get acquainted with the basics of design. We speak your language and understand you from a half-word.

Interaction throughout the project

Using CRM for project management and flexible development of Agile, we managed to achieve organization in creativity and provide direct communication of the customer with all involved in the design process.

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