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Mobile App Design

Mir parfuma

Working on the application "Mir parfuma", we tried to solve the following tasks: to create understandable and convenient interface, to provide a quick search for perfume, add useful services and integrate the application with the online store.

Targeted Analytics Goals
Мир парфюма Мир парфюма
Who are our customers?

It is assumed that the main users of the application will be young and modern girls in 20-35 keen on beauty and appearance. To a lesser extent, men are buying for themselves. Often men buy women as a gift.

Buy from a desktop computer
Buy from a mobile
Buy from a tablet

People obsessed with perfume / Shopkeepers / Fashion lovers who follow trends and novelties and want to be in trend / Shopaholic / One-time shoppers who want to save from the first purchase

What problem should the application solve for the user?
  • An easier way to search, select and purchase perfume
  • Selection of perfume for certain parameters
  • Be in the subject (follow the novelties)
  • Keep track of sales, save on buying
  • To postpone the liked aromas that then to test them in shop
What problem should the application solve for the business?
  • Keep the buyer
  • Increase the number of repeat sales
  • Increase user loyalty
  • Increase the credibility of the company
  • Additional touch point with buyers
Mental Card

A lot of work has been done to identify the target audience, to compile portraits of customers and custom scenarios. We looked through hundreds of existing solutions and competitors. Based on the results of the analysis mental maps were compiled with the application structure and functional capabilities of the project. We also prepared a full project documentation for more than 20 pages.

78 hours comprehended 20 pages analysts wrote
Мир парфюма
UX — first!

We develop prototypes and give them for testing to the target audience. We monitor them, ask questions and understand the main problems. We learn what is most important for them and monitor how they interact with the application. We make adjustments and move on to the next stage. This approach allows to avoid unforeseen situations, and, accordingly, to shorten the terms and budget of the project.

Igor Kolesen UX Designer

Creating this application, we wanted to create not just an addition to the online store, but a real communication platform where you could talk with like-minded people, learn about perfume novelties, read opinions and find a unique perfume for your collection at best price.

The whole team works on the formation of the project strategy from the very beginning to the last pixel. As a result of brainstorming successful ideas are born which we implement with the use of tested practices and new technologies.

Oleg Zodchiy UI/UX Designer, Illustrator

There was a difficult task to develop design that would be similar to the interface of the main site, keeping all its functional abilities and at the same time not overloading the user.

Part of prototypes
Мир парфюма
Мир парфюма Мир парфюма Мир парфюма
Start Page Everything is at hand!

The interface of the main screen is well-thought-out. The important information is in sight, and the extra is hidden in the menu. The user has the opportunity to go to the desired category, a popular brand or see new perfumes. All the blocks are lined up based on their priority that makes it easier to work with the application.

Smart Search Simply start typing first letters

Smart search is a tool familiar to everyone, actively used when searching in Google or in the phone's contacts book. In the Mir Parfuma application everything is also simple - we enter the first letters of the brand and the system issues an expanded selection. And it is important that you can make a request with errors or in another language.

Мир парфюма
Мир парфюма
Мир парфюма
Brand Choice The search for a brand is just as simple, as it is in the "contacts" on the iPhone

To make the search even more comfortable, we added an interactive alphabet on the right side of the screen. For iPhone users this quick-moving system is known by contacts book. Pleasant bonus is that next to each brand there are brackets indicating the breadth of the presented assortment.

Catalog Choose a convenient display of perfumes in the catalog

To view the goods in the catalog is convenient and pleasant. Taking into account interests of different users, we offered several options for displaying products.

Мир парфюма
Мир парфюма
Мир парфюма
Filters Easy selection and sorting of necessary perfumes

Our application is a real encyclopedia of fragrances, where any perfume buyer can find and buy a rare original specimen. Search system is well-thought-out to the smallest detail - wide filters allow you to get a quick and accurate result in a few clicks

Product Page Full information about your favorite fragrance in one place

The product card is not overloaded, but at the same time it is most useful. It contains all the necessary information about perfume. Well-thought-out position of the blocks allowed to answer fully all the user questions and at the same time not to distract them from the main action - purchase of a new perfume.

Мир парфюма
Мир парфюма
Colors and Typography
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... and more than 80 thought-out
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